Louvre, Abu Dhabi, Emirates

This place was a dream. And that is not only because of it’s breathtaking architecture. This place had realized a stunning exhibition concept, when we visited it back in 2018: they had exponats from different periods and times, which had the same or similar topic in common, next to each other. This was an eye-opening way to experience art of multiple centuires. Every art fan should see this place – and Abu Dhabi, which we also like much more that Dubai – once in a lifetime.

North Carolina Museum of Art (NCMA), USA

In 2019 I had to go to N.C . for work and had 1/2 day left before I had to go to the airport. So, why not visiting a museum? I did not expect much, and was surprised by this beautiful place, it really caught me. It*s generous space was polpulated by wondeful paintings and sculptures, arranged with a great sense of beauty. I enjoyed it very much.

Städel & Liebig Haus, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

I was so happy when my dear wife gave me a full-year Staedel art cub membership back in 2020. We are at this place multiple times per year, as it is the best museum in the area where I live (second best is Schirn, also in Frankfurt).

Othilie Röderstein, Staedel, was impressing

Another exhibition in Frankfurt, this time in SCHIRN, Feb 2022, artist: “Paula Moderson-Becker”. Not my total favourite I must admit…

Another exhibition at Schirn, Frankfurt, from 2022 is a Chagall exhibition. Did not like that too much (I like the paintings, just not the exhibition itself)

More to come….