Thyrfing – viking music

Another new release I found by chance is by a band from Sweden called Thyrfing. They appear to sing in Swedish (I guess). The new record named “Vanagandr” is a highlight – each and every song is great (at least for me).

Please check them out

The Mentalist

I have found a new GERMAN band (at east they were new to me) – Mentalist. They do complex power metal (maybe well described as a mixture between Dragonforce and Symphony X). I have listened through the record multiple times now, and the more often I hear it, the more I like it. The record is called “A journey into the Unknown”.

FunFact: In the video “Modern Philosophy” they run through a forest which I think I do know – it is in the “Pfälzer Wald” with some trails leading to a cave or so – I think I wandered around there, too.