The Mentalist

I have found a new GERMAN band (at east they were new to me) – Mentalist. They do complex power metal (maybe well described as a mixture between Dragonforce and Symphony X). I have listened through the record multiple times now, and the more often I hear it, the more I like it. The record is called “A journey into the Unknown”.

FunFact: In the video “Modern Philosophy” they run through a forest which I think I do know – it is in the “Pfälzer Wald” with some trails leading to a cave or so – I think I wandered around there, too.

Marta Gabriel

Today I bought the CD “Metal Queens” from Marta Gabriel, singer of the band Crystal Viper, that I like very much. It is a cover album, she covers 80’s metal songs sung by women (remark: most prominent one was Lee Aaron, which I liked when I was young (the Lee Aaron project- check out song : “Lady of the Darkest Night”, one of my fav’s those days)).

I like Marta’s album very much, it is powerful, has modern sound but still let’s me feel the 80’s (I guess that is because of the riffs used in the songs). I recommend you listen to “Max Overload” and “Call of the Wild” or also “My Angel”, which I like better that the one officially released on you tube (Count your blessings). Check it out!

Bullhead City – I will (not) be there!

After that long long Covid break, the first festival in Germany having a chance to take place is Bullhead City in Wacken.

But again, it was cancelled.

I have purchased tickets for a friend of mine and me and we are really looking forward to see the Guardians, Dirkschneider, Nightwish and Powerwolf. Personally, I will also see Jinjer, a Ukrainian band I have seen live twice already and which are really good (check out their recently published live album!).

I really hope Bullhead city will happen, we need culture and personal exchange. Please enjoy Jinjer live at Wacken.

Hi you!

I am in progress of rebuilding my internet presence. In the future, I will have my art / paintings here, but also a blog about heavy metal and gym sports, some playlists, opinions and other things that I am interested in. I have decided to do this, as I do no longer trust social media. I moved out of facebook and only occasionally visit and post on Insta.

I would appreciate if my friends and / or followers would follow this individual presence. See you soon in a new format!

Yours, DiNo